In the past You've probably experienced feeling like you haven't been listened to, or felt misunderstood, it's so frustrating isn't it? Answering this short list of important questions is the first step to ensuring that doesn't happen with your project. After all, it isn't just about getting the best possible job done for your investment, you want to enjoy the process as well don't you? Looking forward to your responses!!
What is your name:

Phone Number:

Tell us about your proposed works?

What would you like us to help you with? Eg. First Home, Investment Property, Renovation and what work would be required? Where is the property located?
Do you have a budget? If so, what is your proposed budget range?

Do you already have land?

Have you previously worked with a Builder? If so, was it a new home or renovation and what was your experience with the previous builder/s?

If your previous experience was favourable, what did you enjoy?

If your previous experience was unfavourable, what needed to be improved?

List what is important to you regarding your building project?

Eg. Start and Completion Dates, Drafting and Design, Budget, Other?
What is the UTMOST important or "Must Haves" that you require in your project?

Eg. Ensuite, French Doors, Caesar Stone Bench Tops?
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